About Canvas

Why Canvas Communities?

At Canvas Communities, we know how hard you’ve worked to earn a space that truly feels like home. You deserve a haven of safety and tranquility that you can take pride in, but unfortunately, owning a home is often anything but convenient. You end up making a decades-long commitment to a single property—stripping you of your flexibility and freedom—and bearing the responsibility of maintenance and unexpected expenses. On the other hand, it’s nearly impossible to find a quality rental that lives up to your standards and feels uniquely yours.

It is our mission at Canvas Communities to offer all of the freedoms and amenities of homeownership with none of the associated costs. With unique, elevated, single- family residences that provide the privacy and comfort of a home, you can enjoy the connective feel of a neighborhood and a mature living space with the flexibility of a lease. 

We provide a luxury rental experience that includes all of the benefits and amenities of homeownership - without the burden of costs and maintenance. 

We believe that owning property should not be the only viable path to finding a safe, convenient, elevated home. It is our mission to redefine the rental experience—offering all of the freedoms and amenities of homeownership with none of the associated costs. We are raising the bar in the rental industry by building communities of unique, single-family homes near vibrant U.S. cities and elevating the way our residents live, work, and play.

We plan to build Canvas Communities all over the country, revolutionizing the rental experience for the better and filling the widespread gap in flexible housing options. We want to help tens of thousands of renters find homes they love and cherish without the hassles of buying property.


If you’re interested to learn more about Canvas® Communities in general or have a specific inquiry about one of our communities, please fill in your information with a short message and we will be in touch soon.