Single-Family Rental Series: Part III Where is Build-to-Rent Going?

It is no secret that the United States housing market has experienced historic volatility in the last decade. This has been reflected most significantly in the home-ownership rates among Americans. However, these economically turbulent times have not only affected lower-tier residents, but six-figure income households as well. The Wall Street Journal states, “In 2019, about

Single Family Rental Pt. II – The Beauty of Build-to-Rent

In Part One of our “Single-Family Rental” series, we introduced a fresh concept that has created a tremendous disruption within the residential housing market – Build to Rent Communities (B2R). Build-to-Rent is a nuance of the solidified single-family rental (SFR) asset class. Unlike the stereotypical single-family home, B2R communities provide residents with a newly constructed,

The Single-Family Rental Series: Part I

As leadership mogul and former Navy Seal, Jocko Willink states in his award-winning podcast, “You must face history so you can learn from it.” Over the course of three months, Watermark will be giving an in-depth look at a concept that is taking the housing market by storm : Single-Family Build to Rent Communities (B2R). In

Mills Creek as Top Finalist in 2019 Minnesota Real Estate Awards

Maple Grove, MN – April 16, 2019 Watermark Equity Group is pleased to announce that one of their developments, Mills Creek, a single family home rental community has been awarded as a Top Finalist for best suburban multifamily in the state of Minnesota by the Minnesota Real Estate Journal (MREJ).  MREJ is the only standalone

Fort Worth project will turn shipping containers into apartments

How to Benefit from a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA)

Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts (or SDIRAs), though one of the best kept secrets in the finance world – even amongst the most savvy investors, provide one of the most effective means for which to invest in real estate. Not only will a SDIRA enhance and diversify any portfolio, the array of tax benefits typical with