Three Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

How To Brighten Decorate Flourish In Customize Your Home

Spring has sprung and we all need a little extra sunshine and sparkle after a cold and merciless winter! Spring symbolizes growth, renewal, and energy after a winter of recharging, reflecting, and reconnecting. In order to help us bring the light and life of Spring into our own lives, we have to create a space to flourish. Some of us are spending much more time at home than we ever have – so we need to bring that brilliance into our safe space!

How can we customize our Canvas® home in a cost effective, energy efficient way without crazy renovations? With the help of our professional design coordinator and interior designer for Canvas® Communities – we have put together a short list of tips & tricks to brighten your home and revive that energy back into your life.

Bring the Outside In

Tip 1: Start with house plants

Indoor plants are natural air purifiers, which helps to increase focus while reducing stress, allergies, occurrence of headaches, and dry skin. They convert the carbon dioxide we exhale into fresh oxygen and remove toxins from the air. Not to mention they liven up any room with a fresh feel and pop of color!

With online plant merchants and self-watering pots, it’s easier than ever to create a plant sanctuary in your home. If you’re not very good at keeping your house plants alive… You’re not alone! With these simple, self-watering ceramic pots, Easy Plant will keep your plants alive for longer with just a fraction of the work! Easy Plant is your “one-click” solution to shop for plants of all sizes with their self-watering ceramic pots, tips on plant care for different types of plants, and more:

Scent Scaping

Tip 2: Create Scent zones in your home

The power of scent changes our emotions in such a positive way! Think about it… When you’re walking down the street and you take a whiff of your local bakery baking fresh cinnamon rolls, doesn’t that bring a smile to your face? Or when you’re cleaning your house and you light your favorite candle, you instantly feel calmer? Without giving you a full science lesson, we’ll just say that studies have shown that smell is an extremely highly emotive sense that triggers memory. So don’t be afraid to use different aromas in different rooms. Through scents, you can create specific boundaries between rooms to enhance the function of the living space. Try relaxing lavender in the bedroom and energizing citrus in the kitchen. Fight brain fatigue and improve focus with cinnamon or peppermint in the home office!

There are plenty of ways to use scent scaping: candles, air diffusers, essential oils, and rooms sprays.
The key is to use natural scents – nothing artificial.

Take the guesswork out of scent scaping your home. Check out these easy-to-use app-based diffusers:

Find Your Happy Color

Tip 3: Choose an Accent color

This will be a color in your space that makes a statement that sets the mood and feeling you want to portray. This can be done with pillows, vases, rugs, throw blankets, and other accessories. The accent color should take up about 10% of the space – so nothing too big and overwhelming, but just enough to make it pop!

Similarly to scents, colors evoke emotions and feelings. No room in your home is quite the same – they’re all used for different things. So how do you want each room in your home to feel?

  • Warm colors—red, yellow, and orange—stimulate energizing feelings like excitement and passion, and also warmth and comfort.
  • Green—a dominant nature color—evokes safety, growth, and harmony. Green is also one of the most restful colors to the eye, making it a go-to color for a room where you want to feel calm and at peace.
  • Lighter shades of blue are calming and stabilizing, while darker blues induce confidence and are associated with success and security.

There’s so much to learn about color psychology and how it can be used effectively in interior design, marketing, business, etc. Learn more about color psychology in interior design by clicking here:

Another fun way to add more color to your space is removeable wallpaper! It’s affordable, incredibly easy to use, and less of a mess than your standard pasted wallpaper. Simply peel and stick! It’s perfect for renters because it won’t damage the wall and is easy to peel off at any time. This pop of color or fun design can be totally customizable and used on the walls or even the ceiling! Check out these different design options here:

In Conclusion

There are numerous ways you can bring excitement, brilliance, and warmth into your home without big cost and energy depleting renovations. We’ve provided just three out of hundreds of different options. Find what works best for you in each room of your home and customize your furnishings however you would like! Following these tips and tricks, as well as others will surely increase your health and wellness at Canvas® Communities.

Happy decorating!

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