Fun Fall Recipes

Cozy Food Mood Guide

Fall is one of the coziest times of the year. Therefore, it is one of the best times of the year. Whether you love the chilly weather or not, can we all agree that snuggling up in your living room by the fireplace with a cup of warm tea and a platter of your favorite comfort foods is a beautiful thing?

So here are some Thanksgiving or just fun Fall recipes to get yourself into the cozy food-mood.


We know… It’s not a PSL, but this is the next best thing. And if you’re anything like us, you know that tea-time is the best time. It’s even better when you can save $5 on a tall Starbucks order. This Chai Tea Latte recipe from Snacks and Sips is an easy-to-follow recipe for first time Chai Tea makers. All you need is 5 ingredients and 10 minutes to make.

Let’s be real… French toast can be eaten on any day of the week, in any season. But this Apple French Toast by Le Crème de la Crumb gives all the Fall flavors to make a lovely autumn morning.


This Butternut Squash Soup recipe by Love and Lemons is great for dinner, but just as good as the first time around to heat up the next day for lunch. All you need are fresh, quality ingredients, 45 minutes of your time, and a hungry belly.

Don’t roll your eyes when we suggest a salad… Because this is a salad that rocks! It’s hearty, healthy, and full of fresh Fall flavors perfect for an afternoon feast. This simple & refreshing salad by Grandbaby Cakes is packed with produce like apples, pears, bacon, cranberries, feta, and more.


In our humble opinion, charcuterie boards are probably the best appetizer you can have at your get-together. Meats. Cheeses. Crackers. YUM. And we love a good theme, so a Fall harvest charcuterie board with seasonal goodness, is all the better. Presentation is a key component with charcuterie boards, so roll up those sleeves and assemble this beautiful board by This Healthy Table.

These delicate and delectable little bites of creamy & acidity goodness are so easy to make, and sure to be a crowd pleaser. Therefore, they are a MUST for an appe-teaser. Made with just crescent roll dough, brie cheese, cranberry sauce, a sprig of rosemary, (and sprinkle some bacon bits on top if you’re feeling crazy) these bites by The Country Cook will be ready in just 30 minutes… And devoured in about 30 seconds.


If you’re going the Thanksgiving dinner route… This 3-in-1 smoker special is IT! This butter basted, smoked turkey by Meat Church will convert you from a turkey-roaster into a turkey-smoker. This 3-in-1 recipe (with How-To video) for smoked turkey, stuffing, and gravy gives you all the details in order to time each dish right, create the beautiful smoky flavor you desire, and leave you feeling like a pro-smoker. Check out their merch, seasonings, and rubs for holiday gifting while you’re at it!

Well of course! Mashed potatoes are decidedly (by us) the best Thanksgiving side dish. This easy, creamy side dish by Recipe Tin Eats might even become the star of the meal. All this buttery goodness is totally worth the mashing.

The Finale

We’re not going the traditional pie route… We’re (pumpkin) spicing things up with our desserts. This Pumpkin Bread recipe by Natasha’s Kitchen is soft, moist, and packed with perfect pumpkin flavor. So, you still get your pumpkin spice fix… Just hold the latte.

Since this entire blog revolves around cozy foods to get you in the Fall mood, we obviously had to pull a recipe from A Cozy Kitchen! This easy Apple Cobbler resembles apple pie or crumble but with a fluffier and more fulfilling topping, and without the hassle of a crust. This delectable dessert is the perfect night cap after an evening of entertaining.

Canvas® Communities homes have the space & charm to host this years’ Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving gathering! Take this time to be thankful, be grateful, and be belly-full of good-mood food. Let us know what recipes you tried and send us a photo of your food or your gathering in your Canvas® home to be featured on our social media!

Happy cooking and Happy Holidays!

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